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Charter Boat

The charter boat is a Minor 29 feet with a 315 hp engine with enough room for eight anglers.

The Minor has an enclosed cabin with heating and a restroom.

When trolling, the boat is rigged with four downriggers and the fishing is done with ten to twelve fishing poles.

The charter boat can be hired for 600 DKr per hour.

Up to four people can rent half the boat for 400 DKr per hour. XXIn the summer, jigging trips are arranged with individual entry.

Jigging equipment sets (Penn Slammer 560) can be rented for 10 DKr an hour.

Combi trips
Still more of our customers enjoy a combi trip at which there will be trolled for salmon as well as jigged for cod.

Guarantee of a catch on trips with the charter boat, Listed Trolling guarantees a catch or you will get  the trip for free:

The guarantee is for a catch of at least one salmon or trout after eight hours of trolling or for a catch of no less than twenty kilos of cod at a jigging trip of at least four hours.